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International Students' Conference 2019

Photo campaign #sayit

For the "Generation Selfie" it is common courtesy to take pictures of yourself and all life situations. In the flood of images that we consume today we forget about the positive impact a single image can have and how we can use photography as a powerful tool to make our voice visible. With the photo campaign #sayit we invited all participants of the International Students' Conference to have their photo taken to the statement “This makes me courageous…” . At the end we created of a photo wall of all participants that connects young changemakers from all around the world and makes them and their power to change visible.


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Is it courage that guides you or is it fear that forms your actions?
How can we manage to let courage lead us throughout our lives? And what is it that makes it so difficult? Have we come to a point at which we need courage as a new basis in order to solve old, stagnant problems of personal and global kinds? How do courage and fear influence our ideals and our political views?

At this year’s International Students' Conference 600 students from 30 countries came together at the Goetheanum to develop an understanding about when courage might be the solution for personal and societal issues and to celebrate the 100-years anniversary of Waldorf Schools.
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